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about cog

As Vice-President of Four Sails Realty Inc, founded thirty years ago, I am proud to be a part of another record breaking year at the brokerage, with forty-seven transactions in 2021 valued at over fifty million dollars. 


I got my start in real estate at an early age, designing my father’s weekly real estate ads in the North Shore News as a teenager. My dad, Frank, has been a realtor for forty-six years and started his own brokerage in both Winnipeg and Vancouver. Frank has been an incredible mentor to me and I credit both my passion for real estate and my work ethic to his example. 


After managing the marketing at our brokerage over the past four years, it was a natural progression to begin thinking that the marketing tools we employ day-to-day to grow our business would greatly benefit other realtors as well. The goal with city of glass is to provide easy-to-use marketing services to realtors at a low cost, services that are proven to generate leads and increase sales volumes. We’ve spent the past years at Four Sails Realty refining our marketing and keeping costs down during turbulent times while still managing to increase our number of sales and sales volume. These tools at city of glass will help you to accomplish the same.


I am a believer in empathetic and human first sales. For me, the rewarding part of real estate comes from a client’s satisfaction, my ability to overcome obstacles and creative problem solving. I take pride in never giving up on the issue at hand and going above and beyond for my clients. I appreciate the complexities of a real estate transaction and the significant role it plays in determining one’s future path. I think it is important to take the role seriously and to graciously accept the demands and responsibilities of the job, ultimately to serve and protect the interests of the client. I will not sacrifice my professional integrity or my clients’ interests for any reason.


It is one of my great pleasures to have the privilege to work with my family in the field I love. My dad and brother are both realtors who I am in constant communication with, whose careers I admire and advice I rely upon. My mom is the backbone of the brokerage behind the scenes, and while she is not a licensed realtor, she often has the best insights from the many years of working with my dad but having a helpful degree of separation and objectivity from the clients.


I am excited about the future of our small, family-based brokerage and take great satisfaction is knowing that we have happy clients who trust our professionalism, experience and knowledge. It is my privilege to have built strong and lasting relationships with my clients who I deeply respect and appreciate. As you may already know, buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful times for many and a lot of emotions, sometimes unexpected, come out. It is a mutual openness, respect and and ability to learn from and adapt to constantly changing environments that makes it all possible. Thank you for your continued support!

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